Amman, Jordan

Amman is the capitol of Jordan. It is a modern city with many new high rise buildings but it also has some remains of the Roman occupation of nearly 2000 years which we toured. We also visited the fruit market and downtown Amman at night where we met our guide's family.


Ammaan City

Amman Market

Amman Fruit Market

Local shop display

Lunch in Amman

Original Philadelphia

Amman Citadel

Temple of Hercules

Copper plated Dead Sea Scrolls

Ancient Pottery

Ammans Roman Theatre-AD 170

Stadium Seating for 6000

Stadium Interior

Corinthian Colonnada

Don in Stadium

Dinner with this Host Family

Hosts and Guests

Amman at Night

A sign from home

Our guide, Jafar, and his family

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