Travel by Icebreaker into the Arctic

Our destination was Tanquray Fjord

We starting in Resolute, Canada and headed north to within about 600 miles of the North Pole.

==== -

Cruising through icebergs

Ashore on Greenland -

On Geenland Icecap

Making tracks on the Glacier

Where we have been

Glacier meeting the ocean

A picnic lunch on deck


Dinner on board

Flower 560 miles from North Pole

80 degrees North Latitude

Tanquray Fjord

Elsemere Island

Fossils in the high arctic.

Sailing through ice

Kaptain Klebnikof

Klebnikof from the helicopter

Helicopers offer great views

Ice fields

Open water

Sunset in the Arctic

Foggy afternoon

Fog kept us aboard an extra day





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