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Aboard the Aranui 3 cruising to the Marquesas Islands

In the December 2011, I flew toTahiti to join a cruise aboard the Aranui 3. The Aranui 3 is a cargo ship that also carries passengers. It services the Marquesas Islands which are about 852 miles northeast of Tahiti. While the ship unloaded cargo or took on new cargo the pasengers were able to go ashore and visit various sites on these remote islands.
Before the arrival of Europeans the population of these islands was estimated at 100,000. Due to imported foregn diseases the popuation was devestated. At it's lowpoint it was down to about 2000 in 1900 but today is around 8,600.
On this voyage, a special arrangement was made to spend 2 days at the island of Nuku Hiva where a four day Marquesas Art Festival was being held.

Aranui 3

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