These are photos taken on an Overseas Adventure trip to Australia in January 2005.

Text added 4/1/2012

Melbourne Building

Kangaroo Island cove

Mystery Rocks on Kangaroo Island


Koala Bear

Blue Fairy Penguin

Inflating the balloon

Aloft at sunrise

Looking down

Changing colors

Reflections at Ayres Rock

Watching sunset at Ayres Rock

Group photo at Ayres Rock

Resting in a aboriginal hut

Snorkeling on the Barrier Reef

Lobster Dinner in Cairns

Cairns family visit


Sydney skyline from the harbor a

Sydney Opera

Seashore resort

Opera house from the bridge

Coastal view

The opal I could not afford

Rain forest waterfall

Tasmanian Devil

Small Kangaroo

Lizard in the rain forest

At the butterfly farm

All pictures © Don and LorettaWhiteley 2006