Bedouin Village

Bedouins were nomads on the desert. However many have now settled in vilages such as Lakia the one we visited. Our hostess explained how she has created a workshop for Bedouin women. The village workshops are supported in part by Grand Circle Travel. We were served lunch and visited the workshop.

Heading for a Bedouin Village

Some local industry alng the roadside

Some environmental cleanup is needed

Traditional clothing is worn by some

Shops in the center of the village

Elaborate slide in dusty playground

Our hostess spoke good English

A demo of tradional houseold items

The mother described her nomadic life

Our hostess describe her outfit

The embrodery is colorful and intricate

Some Bedouin embrodery

Somebody's collection of old bikes

The hostess's herd of goats

Goats supply milk and wool

Figs in hostess's garden

Dough for making local bread

Preparing the dough for our lunch

Ready for putting on the hot plate

The finished product

Our hostess has a modern way to cook

David Negev and our hostess

Lunch is served to our group

Informal discussions followed lunch

Women's workshop activity

Modern dressed school girls

Traditionally dressed school girls

School girls going home

This the End of Our Journey to Jordan and Israel

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