Him him him him him Viking Cruise -2017 -1

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In November 2017 Loretta and I took our first cruise. We traveled to the southern Caribbean aboard The Viking Sea a brand-new ship and small by cruise ship standards. It accommodated approximately 900 people and omitted such things as casinos water slides and things like that. The ship was beautifully appointed and very comfortable. The staff was very attentive and I don't think we could've asked for anymore. Viking is a highly regarded River and Ocean Cruise company. This first page shows a little bit of the interior of the ship.

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We began our trip from Philadelphia airport with flight arrangements and all transfers handled by Viking Cruises. We arrived in Puerto Rico in early afternoon and were smoothly transferred by bus to the dock where we boarded our impressive looking ship. We soon found our room (number 5064) and settled down for a pleasant cruise.


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