More Scenes of HABANA

The city has an extrodnary variety of architecture. There are some very modern buildings, some Art Deco, some of Classical Colonial designs and many show a Moorish influence. Many buildngs are being restored after some years of neglect. Especially interesting is a walk down the Prado, a wide tree lined walkway in the middle of a main avenue. The buidings on either side contain many surprises. One is a Ballet School, others are apartments, some are theatres but all reflect a past glory.

A balcony is handy for drying clothes

Interior of Friendship House

Gran Teatro Entrance

Terminal Sierra Maestra- San Francisco -

Castillo de la Real Fuerza

Castillio de San Salvador de la Punta -

Catedral de San Cristobal

Another view of the Catedral

Market in Plaza de Armas

Buying apples on the street

Historic buildings now used as apartments

Many buildings have elaborate decorations

Entrance to Cinima Payret

Local snack shop

Ministerio del Interior and Che

Friendship House where we had a reception

A neighborhood decorated with murals

Some murals were quite humorous

Elaborate facades on buildings facing the Melecon

Melecon wall - a popular gathering spot