Visiting the BAY OF PIGS

Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs) is the site of the ill-fated American-backed landing of anti Castro mercinaries in 1961. It now features a full service resort with pool and beach and an impressive museum about the ill-concieved invasion.

Cabins are spread throughout the property

Individal tourist cabins for tourist

Don relaxing in his cabin living room

Breakfasts featured made to order omlets.

Buffet service at all meals

A good selection of salads and other foods

Meals in a large dining room

A huge pool with lots of room for sunbathing

A sandy beach protected by a breakwater

Entrance to the Museum

Murals about the "martyrs"

Victory for Socialism

Maps illustrated the failed campaign

Artifacts of those killed in the battle.

Russian tank used in the battles

Cuban aircraft used in the battle

Missles on the aircraft

Russian anti-aircraft gun used in the battle

Entrance to the Hotel