Map of our Travels in Alaska

Some Facts About Alaska

  • Alaska is 277 times the size of my home state of Delaware

  • Alaska is the northern, eastern and western most state in the U.S.

  • The largest number of tourists each year are from Germany and 2nd-Japan.

  • The largest employer in the state is the Military, next is Federal Gov't .

  • Alaska is the state with the highest number of people who walk to work.

  • Leading exports are Seafood, Minerals, Energy, Fertilizer and Wood

  • Annual percipitation in Fairbanks is 11 ", Interior snow is 30 "

  • The highest snow total in Fairbanks was in 1992 with 146" of snow.

  • The strongest earthquake recorded in the interior was a 7.9 on the Denali Fault

  • State nicknames for the seasons:Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, Not Winter.

  • Alaska has the same amount of sunlight as anywhere else on earth (4380 hours).

  • it is just distributed differently

  • All pictures © Don and Loretta Whiteley 2006

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