I took a lot of videos on this trip and a few of them are shown below. They are also available on YouTube. The underwater videos appear somewhat shaky but taking videos underwater is difficult because of the wave action of the water, the tide which is sometimes pushing you along and the difficulty in trying to track a rapidly swimming fish.

Fiji welcoming ceremony at Fiji villlage

Fiji dancers at the native village.

Clapping enthusiastically for the dancers

Our host demonstrated how to wrap a chicken for cooking in the underground oven

we had a lot of boat rides going to and from our snorkeling sites.

I called this underwater video finding Nemo

in this snorkeling video there is also some more of Nemo

Our final night dinner at Paradise resort included a brief concert by one of our members.

The final night also included some entertainment including this hula dancer.

Snorkeling at Savusavu


Cleaning oysters at the Pearl farm on Suvasuvam Fiji

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