Golan Heights

This area is part of the disputed territoy. Israel occupied it after the '67 war and has develped it into a lush farming area. Many reminders of the war are still visible. We stayed in a Kibbutz overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We visited a Druze village for lunch and also a nature preserve.

Night view across the Sea of Galilee

Possibly Tiberis at night

Outside our kibbutz cabin

The Sea of Galilee is really a big lake

Golan has many productive farms

Reminders of past wars abound

Mine fields are clearly marked

Tanks mark historic battle sites

Several tanks are where they were left

This tank is part of a memorial park

Remains of an Underground bunker

Materials for road blocks still exist

A Druze village on the Syrian border

This area has active fruit orchards

Interior of our Druze host's home

Our hostess for lunch in a Druze village

Enjoying lunch Druze style

Packing uo to leave the Golan Heights

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