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In July 2013 Loretta and Don attended a Road Scholar Intergenerational Program in Hawai'i with granddaughter Sierra. We had planned the trip for many months. Sierra and the rest of her family arrived from Colorado a few days early. Her parents were going to stay at our house and take care of our dog Duke and their own two big dogs while we were gone. The flight to Hawaii from Philadelphia required several changes enroute and took a total of about 15 hours. We took lots of pictures and have arranged a few of the representative ones by the day taken during the trip. Scroll down and clicking on any photo below to see that day's photographs and a report of the activities for that day.

Sunday July 21

Monday July 22

Tuesday July 23

Wednesday July 24

Thursday July 25

Friday July 26

Saturday July 27

Sunday July 28

Monday July 29

Tuesday July 30

Wednesday July 31

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This trip was arranged for Road Scholar by Pacific Islands Institute, Honolulu, HI

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Updated May 15, 2014
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