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The World Ice Art Championship Competiton

Annually in March cempetitors from over 15 countries compete in carving especally selected ice blocks into intricate designs. Some are sculpted from a single 4' x4' x4' block of clear ice. Other larger ones are made by carving sections and "gluing" them together with a slushy mix of ice and waer. The results are displayed in an outdoor park where they last for weeks in the very cold temperatures. We visited the Ice Park twice

Ice carvings are also seen at various locations around town like those in front of our hotel. Taking pictures was a challenge in the sub zero temperatures !.

ice 01 This Ice House was in front of our hotel

ice 04 The podium was used for presentations

ice 02 Ice portraits at the Ice Museum

ice 03

ice 05

ice 47 This what they start with !

ice 49

ice 35

ice 21

ice 23

ice 33

ice 34

ice 39

ice 41

ice 42

ice 43

ice 44

ice 44

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