Nazareth is the city where Mary learned that she was chosen to have the son of God. It is where Jesus presumably grew up unti he started his ministry. Along the way, we stopped at Safed the highest city in Israel and the home of many Sephardic Jews and is a religous center.

Welcome to Nazareth

Bascilica of the Annunciation

This Bascilica was built in 1969

Wall Mosaic

Our group gets briefed

Crypt of the Annunciation

Cave where Gabriel appeared to Mary

Another view of the cave

Basilica windows

Nearby Greek Orthodox Church

Greek Orthodox Christening

Golden Crown Hotel in Nazareth

View of the city of Nazareth

Safed- Screen for the Torah

Safed one of 4 holy cities in Torah -

Blue Synagogue

Ceiling painted symbols

Torahs on display

Description of the synagogue

Sufed is known for it's Artist's Quarter

A view of the hilly city of Safed

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