Mount Nebo

On the way to Mt. Nebo we stopped at Madaba. Madaba in noted for a mosaic tile map of early Jerusalem. It now is also the site of a factory of handicapped persons who produce mosaics for tourists.We also visited an Arab fortress at Ajlun built to stop the Crusaders.

Mt Nebo is the site from which Moses first saw the "promised Land" There is also a restored church with some impressive mosaics


Mabada Mosaic Map

550 AD map of Jerusalem

St Geoge Church holds the map

Enroute to Mt. Nebo

Memorial to Moses

How to see the "Promised Land"

View toward Israel

Qalat ar-Rabad Fortress

Built in 1184 to stop Crusaders

Interior of Fortress -

Imprssive stonework passages-

Stairway to the battlements

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