Old City, Jerusalem

This is the most historic region of Isreal. It is a mix of Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious sites. It is easy to get lost because the streets and passages are narrow and seldom straight. The Old City is always crowded with residents,merchants and especially tourists. It is a must visit site for any Christian and an especially holy place for Jews. We took a side tour to Bethlehem to see the place of Christ's birth.

Some see this as the tomb of Jesus

They see this as the place of the Skull

Plan of tomb

Inside the tomb

Tunnel under Western Wall

Along base of Western wall

Prayers in the tunnel

Old City street signs

One supposed birth place of Mary

The Old City Lion Gate

Olive Garden on the Mt of Olives


Don in the Church of All Nations -

Church of All Nations-

Guard tower at Bethlehem border

The Shepard's Field

hurch at Shedard's Field-

Church painting

Church painting -

Bethlehem street sign

Gate near Church of the Nativity

Mosque near Church of the Nativity

Approaching Church of the Nativity

Painted Columns line the Nave


Grotto of the Nativity

Marking Christ's birthplace

Sacred spot visited by many Christians

Watch tower leaving Bethlehem

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