Return to Winipeg

After visiting on the tundra for five days we stopped in Churchill on our way back to Winnipeg. At that time there was a blizzard in progress with about 6 inches of snow on the ground, temperature about 14F and a wind chill of about -7. We visited a few sites including the Eskimo Museum and had lunch before leaving for Winnipeg.

Polar Bear "Jail"

Carol at the Polar Bear "Jail"

Bear traps used around town

Bears are captured, put in jail then flown out


Bear Watcher with gun at visitor site

Looking over the river and Hudson Bay

Bundled up at the Overlook- about -10 wind chill

Ice in the river

Inuit Monument Park

Always photographing

Civic Center buildings

Churchill Church

Through frosted window

Eskimo Museum

Eskimo Museum

Eskimo Museum

Eskimo Museum

The return flight seemed rather daunting because there was a blizzard in progress. It was snowing heavily and that was about 6 inches of snow on the ground. The temperature was about 17F with wind gusts around 30 mph. The wind chill was below zero. Walking from the terminal to the airplane was hazardous because of the wind, the blowing snow and the ice that was on the ground. But the airplane took off as scheduled without any difficulty.

When we got back to our Winipeg hotel we had a cocktail farewell party before packing up to leave very early the next day



We even got a bag breakfast to eat at the airport