Petra is one of the major archeological sites in Jordan. It was a major city between the 3rd century BC and the 1st century AD. Eventually it was lost to the west until rediscoverd in 1812. It is a place you must see to believe.

Sunset in the Petra village

Entrance to Petra

Bab el-Siq Triclinium - a rock cut tomb

Voitive niches along the way in

The Siq-a narrow passage to Petra -

Statues along the Siq

The Siq is about 1/2 mile long

It becomes progrssive narrower

Carvings dot the side walls

At the narrowest it is only 1 meter wide

Approaching the end of the Siq

The Treasury comes into view-

Closer in

Views change with the light



Arrival at the Treasury

Created in the 1st Century BC

Carved out of solid rock

Detailed carving on the Treaury

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