Sea of Galilee area

The Sea of Galilee is really a big lake and it supplies much of the water for the rest of Israel. The area around the Sea was where Jesus did much of his preaching. The names of Cana, Capernum, Tiberias, Mount of Beatitudes are certainly famiiar to Christians everywhere.

A panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee

left center


right center

right end

far right end closeup

The sign says it all

Remains of 1st century boat

Map of Capernaum

Remains of a 4th century Synagogue


Rock marking Simon Peter's house

Lunch with a west bank settler family

Our host wrote the book "Top Gun"

Well; known biblical site

Where Jesus performed his 1st miracle-

Interior of "Water to Wine" church

Church of the Beatitudes

Beatitude interior


View of Sea from church of Beatitudes

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