A visit to Lhasa, Tibet

The flight into Tibet was over high snow covered mountains. The main city in Tibet, Lhasa , is 12,000 feet above sea level. We quickly learned that we would require some time to adjust to the high altitude.

Crossing the mountains into Tibet

Beautiful scenery from above

Rugged landscapes

Our first view of a Tibetan Valley

A Tibetan Monestary

Driving to Lhasa from the airport

Local transportation

Locals signing Andy's drawing

Andy show his sketch

A sketch of a Tibetan Yak skin boatp>

Another of Andy's drawings

Amway is everywhere

A good sign for our visit

We visited a Tibetan home

Yak tea and snacks were served

The decoratons were colorful and elaborate

This was the mediation room

On the street we saw many vendors