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Photographing Polar Bears

In the November 2014 I traveled from Philadelphia to Winipeg, Canada to join a group from Natural Habitat. On our first day in Winnipeg we had a very interesting city tour.The next day we flew to the town of Churchill located on the Hudson Bay. We went out onto the tundra to stay in a "Tundra Lodge". The Lodge is a series of buildings on wheels which look much like a railroad cars. Two cars were for sleeping accommodations, one car was like a living room, another car was a dining car with the kitchen. Each individual had a small sleeping room much like those on a railroad car. There were also several bathrooms and shower rooms in the sleeping cars. We stayed in the Lodge for about five days. During the day we took rides across the tundra in Tundra Rovers. Our main objective was to see and photograph polar bears and any other wildlife that we could find.


Manitoba Museum

St. Boniface Cathederal

Manitoba Legislature

To the Tundra Lodge

Tundra Lodge

Tundra Rover

Polar Bears

Tundra Landscape

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