Wiseman Alaska

Wiseman is 12 miles north of Coldfoot and was the futherest north gold mining camp in North America. The town boomed from 1911 to 1915 but after the gold petered out the population decreased to the present level. Unlike Coldfoot, Wiseman has been continuously occupied throughout the years. The current 14 year round residents are self-reliant and hearty individuals who basically live off the land by hunting and trapping. During one 3 week period in January 2006 the temperature hovered around MINUS 60 F ! It is a great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.

wis 02 Snow depth was about 3 feet

wis 03


wis 3`1

wis 24 What made the tracks up to the window?

wis 28

wis 091

wis 29

wis 04 Lifelong resident Jack Reakoff

wis 05 Inside the house that Jack built

wis 06 Jack is a fur trapper and trader

wi 07 We try snowshoeing

wis 08

wis 10

wis 11

wis 12

wis 15 The Wiseman Chapel

wis 16


wis 17

wis 18

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