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In addition to the observations of the wolves at the center, we spent time at the Vermillion Community College where most of our meals were served buffet style. The cook also prepared bag lunches for us for our noontime when we were on field trips. We also attended some interesting lectures in the classrooms at the college. These were given by the interns of the International Wolf Center.

There were four boys and one girl in our program

As usual the kids were occupied with their digital devices

The kids helped arrange the classroom at the college

We had a hands-on lecture about beaver anatomy

A real beaver tail was passed around

Loretta looks at a fox skull

A young man named RJ volunteered

He served as a model for lecture about beavers

RJ got beaver ears and beaver eyes

The intern added more things representing the beaver

RJ got beaver teeth and a beaver nose

The final result of a boy costumed as a beaver

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