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Some cars filled with iron ore rocks were outside the remains of the mine structures.From there we proceeded into town and on the way stopped to see a rock which was formed by lava under the ocean billions of years ago.

Loretta pushing a cars used to haul lumps of iron ore.

She gave up-

The sign describes the Ely Greenstone outcrop .

They say that this rock was formed by lava under the ocean

Every day we had a bag lunch like this

The International Wolf Center building is very modern

Loretta, Don and grandson Jeffrey

Loretta, Jeffrey and Jeff's wolf toy under Jeff's hat

On Thursday we returned to the center in the evening and found that the wolves were quite active. In the auditorium they were projecting a live event where the puppies were being introduced to the older wolves. When that was finished the adult wolves gave us an interesting show outside the big viewing windows

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