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Jeffrey had a camera on the trip and took lots of pictures. Some are is fooling around and experimenting with the camera but he also took some pretty good pictures. This page as pictures that Jeffrey took during our trip.

Driving from Duluth to Ely

First view of our new lodgings

Jeff experimented with flower photos

Even a lowly clover made a subject



Beaver skull

Beaver rear foot

Beaver front foot

RJ getting ready for more beaver costumes

RJ dressed as a beaver

The Beaver Pond

One of wolves at the Center

Taken at the Wof Center

The kids in the classroom

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?

Faceoff- Jeff and a big bad wolf

Wolf pup

He admired these cupcakes

Jeff's favorite wolf

Jeff's Grandmother


Grandma and PapaDon

Jeff didn't take this one

Posing for the camera

Jeff's selfie with his friends

A selfie of Jeff and RJ

Wolf Center intern

Wolf Center director

Sunset on the way home

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