This is a description of a Road Scholar intergenerational program at the International Wolf Center. Intergenerational programs are structured to allow grandparents to attend the program with their grandchildren. This particular program was conducted at the international Wolf Center in Ely Minnesota. Ely is located in the northeast corner of Minnesota about 30 miles from the Canadian border and near International Falls known for its record-breaking cold in the winter. The center is basically oriented toward educating about wolves but does not promote favorable or encourage negative attitudes about the Wolf. They have five wolves in residence and at the time of our visit had just acquired two young Wolf pups. During the week we had many opportunities to learn about the Wolf culture and observe the wolves. Click on Page # below to go to that page. and SCROLL DOWN to see more pictures on any page

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Loretta and Jeffry arrive in Duluth

Our new home away from home

The cabin is located on a rather large lake

The lake looks tempting but the water is rather cold

We had a rather large living room with TV

The kitchen is fully equipped but we ate out generally

Jeff tried out the kitchen table

Another view of the comfortable living room

From the living room we had a nice view of the lake

Jeff had his own room complete with the bunkbeds

Fortunately for Jeff the TV had the cartoon network

An interesting sign over the toilet

A beautiful sunset over the lake the last we saw

We had a get acquainted meal on a deck by the lake

Even Jeff joined in for a short time

Most of our meals were at Vermillion College cafeteria

This is one of the more modest breakfast

The children often ate together amid lots of chatter

While the adults were at separate tables

Tthis smiling lady did a great job preparing all our food

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